You're a bear who just wants to eat rabbits and avoid hunters. Grab whiskey bottles to eliminate those hunters!

  • Move with the arrow keys or W,A,S, and D keys.
  • Eat rabbits for points. Yum!
  • Hunters will shoot up from the bottom of the screen, don't stay in their lane for long!
  • Hunters will shoot rabbits as well. Get them first!
  • Drink whiskey bottles to eliminate hunters and rabbits and score big points!


This is my entry for the 2017 GitHub Game Off Game Jam. The theme for the game jam is "Throwback" and Whiskey Bear is inspired by the affordable handheld games of the 1980's. The graphics are simple and limited to match the style of the LCD displays. Character movement is limited to fixed positions in the play-field and the frame-rate feels a little slow and unnatural to match the same game-feel.